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Who doesn't like a good adventure story with an unexpected twist?  Cathy Chase absolutely does.  Cathy's biggest fascination is with the people who stumble or purposefully dive into these adventures.  It is those who have joined with her in exploring the world; from backpacking alone across Europe, climbing a mountain to visit a shrine or living in a Monastery.

It is the what-ifs in life that inspires her writing.  For example, what if there was an evil ghost living in that Monastery and an innocent peasant girl becomes trapped inside.  Think of the writing possibilities.

As a college English Professor, Cathy tried to have her students find their inner strength to grow and succeed; something we need to find from time to time.

Cathy has spent her life trying to do or learn something new every day.  It is the journey of life that is the most rewarding not the final destination.

Come join Cathy on new adventures.  Read the unexpected mysteries of haunted houses, mind control and things unexplainable.