Cathy  Chase is a teacher and author.  The main theme in all of her writing is believing in yourself, setting a goal and working towards that goal makes one's life powerful and happy.   This  theme is set in stories of adventure and mystery.

 Her lifelong interest has been in getting to know people from around the world and how we all achieve the necessities of life. She has spent much of her career teaching immigrants to write and speak English.  She also spent two years teaching English in Eastern Europe.

She has also had a long career in teaching re-entry and underprivileged adults to write.  These experiences have brought her in close contact with people who need to believe in their own uniqueness.

It is important to try new things and to be open to new adventures.  It truly is the journey and not just the destination that is important.  Her stories are driven by adventure and excitement from being transported into another world to ghost stories that tingle your senses.

Cathy has published many articles and books on adventure, survival and happiness.  She is the Vice President of the North State Writers Association in Chico, Calif.  Please follow us at


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